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FCC Commissioner Michael Copps Set to Retire by Year’s End

Michael Copps, FCC

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps announced this week in a statement that he is resigning from the agency.

Copps plans to leave the agency by the end of the year after a decade of service to the FCC. According to The Hill newspaper, President Obama has nominated Jessica Rosenworcel a former Senate Commerce Committee aide, to replace Copps.

“It has been a privilege and honor to serve for more than ten years as a Commissioner,” Copps said. “The FCC is an agency of true excellence and its decisions are integral to our country’s future.”

Copps thanked the agency and staff for friendship and collegiality and added he intends to continue to speak about the challenges of the agency as a private citizen in the years to come.

Copps was known as an advocate of net-neutrality, opposed media consolidation and was the only one to vote against the NBC Universal-Comcast merger. Rosenworcel is said to share Copps’ objectives, but is considered to be uncontroversial.

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