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FCC Lets Users Create their Own Custom Page with Beta Launch

In an effort to improve the “FCC online experience,” the Federal Communications Commission launched its public beta domain last week, where users can choose widgets and create a customized page.

According to the announcement by FCC Managing Director David Robbins, MyFCC allows users to create a personalized page featuring the agency’s most used tools and services.

News, official documents and shortcuts to forms and online filings are among the services users can add as widgets to their version of the page. Robbins said there are 22 widgets currently available and more to come.

The domain is run on an open-source module, Content API, which Robbins said is easily installed and used by other federal agencies. This model makes the website content available to developers and others for their own website projects.

Similar to the way the domain can be used by other agencies, it also allows any group or individual to easily share content through both MyFCC or on other sites.

“Each individual widget can be embedded on any other website and you can also create full dashboards of widgets to share with friends and colleagues,” Robbins wrote on the FCC blog.

“MyFCC is a great example of how APIs can enable telecom professionals, legal practitioners, federal officials and consumers to share, remix and mash up the massive amounts of government data, to help make sense of it,” Kin Lane wrote on the Programmable Web blog, according to Federal Computer Week.

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