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Navy CIO Wants More Small IT Firms Bidding for Contracts

Terry Halvorsen

In an effort to promote competition and diversity, the U.S. Navy‘s chief information officer said more small information technologies companies should compete for service contracts.

In an interview with Federal News Radio, Navy CIO Terry Halvorsen said a “changing financial picture” is primarily responsible for the Navy’s outreach to smaller IT contractors, as it looks for companies that can answer the proposals and produce services at a good price and an efficient rate.

“We wanted to make sure that small businesses understood we still value their participation in our IT business,” said Halvorsen.

In addition, the Navy will also offer advice on how small contractors can successfully compete for government contracts via a panel discussion, “How Do Small Businesses Play in Today’s Changing Budget Environment?,” which is scheduled to take place at the West Coast Department of the Navy IT Conference January 23-26.

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