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NRO to Open Communication Line with Liaison Office

It seems the line of communication between the Defense Department and the National Reconnaissance Office is opening up, with recent meetings at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and the newly created Air Force Materiel Command/NRO Liaison Office.

The Air Force released a notice that following the NRO liaison office opening, Air Force Lt. Col. Chris Boring and other NRO liaison officers attended a conference at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.

According to the Air Force announcement, Colonel Boring made his way through the Ohio base, meeting with varying organizations.

“My intent is to let the community know I’m here,” Colonel Boring said. “That can open the dialogue on what NRO can do to help AFMC meet its mission.”

“Air Force acquisition programs have intelligence requirements that have to be identified early in the process when it is easier to take advantage of existing NRO assets,” Colonel Boring said. “The key is to influence acquisition early and often.”

The liaison group is meant to bridge the NRO and related organizations. As the release points out, the agency is charged with building satellites and the communication.

Better communication between the DoD and NRO aims to further efforts already in place for technologies like SATCOM. Colonel Boring indicated in the release that with improved communication, they may be able to aid the Air Force in delivering these efforts and intelligence to the warfighter.

NRO liaisons report directly to the NRO director, creating a direct pipeline, with to Boring, “illustrates the importance NRO places on these offices,” he said.


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