Pentagon Reducing Numbers of Generals, Admirals

Coinciding with the close of the Iraq war and the winding down of the war in Afghanistan, the Pentagon thinning its upper ranks according to a Washington Post report.

Pentagon officials have eliminated 27 positions for generals and admirals since March according to the Post. The Pentagon’s overall plan is to reduce those positions by 10 percent in five years, the report said.

The cuts taking place would reduce the military to the size it was before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and is expected to save the Pentagon a “modest amount of money,” the Post reported.

As the administration must reduce the defense budget by $450 billion over a decade and with additional cuts possible in the near future, the military is buckling down to save money and to become more nimble, according to Vice Adm. William E. Gortney‘s comments to the Post.

Gortney told the Post that the Pentagon is more than a quarter of the way to its 102 job cut goal. Recent moves toward this goal include approval of a plan to reduce authorized billets reserved for admirals and generals from 952 to 850.

Measures to slim the higher ranks to make the service more proportionate have been taken by determining which positions or level generals are must haves versus nice to have, Gortney said to the Post.

In the 102 positions to be cut, 42 are Iraq and Afghanistan commands, while 90 slots are those of one- or two-star admirals and generals.

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