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Post Office Footprint Shrinking, Donahoe Says

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The Postal Service is moving forward with plans to shrink its overall footprint, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe told CNN in an interview Sunday.

The postal service is considering plans to consolidate offices and implement a $20 billion plan to transition to a five-day operation from the current six-day delivery operation.

In the interview, Donahoe indicated that with a move toward using email, making online transactions, paying bills online and alternate sources of delivery, the post office’s volume has reduced by 25 percent.

He sees the future post office as one that includes “delivering business, first class, advertising mail, and packages.” While some have indicated that less offices and few business days will slow services, Donahoe says that is not the plan.

“Thirty- seven percent of Americans today buy postage and mail packages outside the post office,” Donahoe said in the interview. “On the Internet, at stores, we’re trying to go from an access and retail standpoint where Americans go.

“So you’re going to see us a lot more at shopping centers, at pharmacies, online, so it’s more convenient. And we will eventually shrink down some of our footprint out there.”

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