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Report: Deal Reached on Govt. Funding, Details Being Worked Out

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It looks as though lawmakers have gotten closer to a deal that would appropriate for government functions through next year, according to a Reuters report.

The report indicated that the possible deal, proposed Monday, brought Congress closer to avoiding a shutdown, which would occur Friday if no funding is approved.

Reuters reports the group had a bipartisan, bicameral agreement for the spending package. However, while the group of Democratic and Republican lawmakers reached accord for funding programs like homeland security and environment protection, they have yet to agree on everything.

“There are still a couple of open items that need to be ironed out,” a House Democratic spokesman told Reuters. “These aren’t deal breakers or game changers but are still important issues.”

All details on the deal were not immediately available, but are expected to be released Tuesday according to the report.

Bills to fund the departments of Housing, Transportation, Agriculture and Justice have been passed for fiscal year ending Sept. 30,2012, but the remainder of funding coming from temporary spending measures expires Friday.

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