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Task Force Outlines Plans Eliminate, Merge 30 Percent of Federal Domains

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Agencies reported plans to eliminate or merge 30 percent of their some 1,000 plus domains in the State of the Federal Web report, produced by the .gov Reform Task Force.

The report attempts to draw out agency web habits and cite efforts to consolidate or eliminate domains which agencies indicated would take place by year’s end.

Highlights in the 6o-page Office of Management and Budget report come from a survey effort spanning from Aug. 12-Oct. 22. The report yielded 1,489 domain responses, of which 804 are active, 400 are redirects, and 265 are non-functional.

Of those 1,489 domains, 378 are to be eliminated and 65 have plans to be merged with existing web sites, the report said. The number of domains spanning agencies was not the only focus of the report, as it also questioned how agencies rated their portal performance.

Answers included traffic and search log analysis, usability testing, customer satisfaction surveys, feedback from contact forms and and comments from social networks or other sources.

Governance also appears to be an area of concern for agencies, as 50 percent surveyed indicated they had between two and nine differing web management systems for site maintenance.

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