OPM Issues New System to Assess Senior Executive Performance

The Office of Personnel Management released new performance management system guidelines for the Senior Executive Service on Jan. 6.

The new management system revamps the qualifications required to gain entry into SES and streamlines the way managers within the federal government are evaluated.

The system evaluates based on whether the employee can lead people, lead change, is results driven, level of business acumen and ability to build coalition.

According to SES, managers who receive a “unsatisfactory” rating will be removed or reassigned.

Individuals that receive either two ratings less than level three, or two level one ratings within a five year period will also be removed or reassigned.

“Under the new system, agencies will be able to rely upon a more consistent and uniform framework to communicate expectations and evaluate the performance of SES members,” wrote John Berry, OPM director, in a Jan. 6 memo.

Agencies will be able to adopt the new system as their current ones expire, or sooner if they wish. In addition, OPM is currently organizing integration work groups to assist agencies with the transition.


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