Private Sector Board Calls for More Power to Defense CIO

Teri Takai

The Defense Business Board believes Defense Department Chief Information Officer Teri Takai should have more authority over military and Pentagon agency CIOs, according to Federal Times.

The board, consisting of private sector executives, recommended Takai have more authority to enforce policies for data center consolidation and cloud computing, according to the report.

The board also called for a coordinated, structured data center consolidation strategy and cloud computing at the department level. The board also  a streamlined procurement process and that cloud computing only be used when the goal and benefit is evident, according to Federal Times.

TASC President and CEO David Langstaff, who led the study, said the Pentagon largely supports data center consolidation. However, the service branches and agencies will likely resist the changes because of staff and contractor reductions, cultural and job changes and having less control over information technology.

“It’s human nature and institutional nature to resist change,” Langstaff said according to Federal Times. “There is a natural unwillingness to walk away from investments” that have been made.

The report also said the board asked for agencies to use commercial best practice for meeting technology related goals. Takai reportedly agrees with the recommendations the board made and indicated the Pentagon is working to clarify and strengthen her role.

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