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FBI Spokesman Says Bureau Not Changing Cloud Acquisition Rules

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The FBI is holding firm to its standards for acquiring cloud computing services, an FBI spokesman told Computer World.

Stephen Fischer Jr., a spokesman for the FBI’s criminal justice information systems division, told Computer World in an email that the bureau has rigorous standards for acquiring cloud services for federal law enforcement agencies.

Fischer acknowledged some vendors may have difficulty meeting the FBI’s requirements but said it would not use technology the bureau believes would compromise information security.

The CJIS maintains the FBI’s database of biometric information and criminal history.

Fischer also said requirements need to be high due to the sensitive information law enforcement agencies deal with.

Two Los Angeles Police Department officials said in 2010 that the CJIS’ requirements are not compatible with cloud computing after the LAPD cancelled a planned transition to the cloud.

Fischer said the CJIS’ cloud security requirements were vetted and approved by every U.S. and Canadian law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, local and tribal levels.

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