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FCC to Auction Spectrum, Fund Public Safety Net

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The Federal Communications Commission may auction off radio frequency spectrum in order to fund the national public safety network.

Congress reached an accord on legislation last Wednesday that would extend payroll tax cuts, authorizing the FCC to auction TV broadcast spectrum to wireless carriers, The Hill newspaper reports.

The auctions would generate between $15 billion and $25 billion, the New York Times reports.

A part of the potential earnings, about $7 billion, will go toward creating the nationwide network for emergency crews, according to GCN.

As is, the agreement would result in revenue being split with participating TV stations.

The remaining funds would go toward the public safety network, the report said.

The public safety network would be built on the remainder of the 10 megahertz spectrum of the 700 MHz band following the potential auction according to GCN.

GCN reports the agreement would also result in unlicensed spectrum being set aside for technology such as Wi-Fi and garage door openers.

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