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Report: US Working on New Stealth Bomber, Unmanned Features Possible

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The U.S. military has begun work on its new stealth bomber fleet which will consist of 80 to 100 aircraft, AOL Defense reported.

According to AOL, the fiscal year 2013 budget allocates $4 billion over five years for the bomber.

AOL believes a few billion more will be supplemented in the U.S.’s black budget to support the project, as each aircraft will cost at least $550 million.

The new fleet could also include an unmanned capability but no other decisions have been made, AOL reported.

AOL reported the fleet is expected to be delivered sometime in the mid-2020s.

Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, the Air Force‘s head of global strike, said the fleet will incorporate a new communications suite, new sensors and a nuclear long-range standoff missile.

AOL also reported Pratt & Whitney is currently developing at least one of the bombers engines.

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