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VA’s $3B IT Budget Request Focuses on Maintenance, Integrated Health Record System

Photo: VA.gov

The Department of Veterans Affairs has requested $3.37 billion for its information technology budget and plans to set aside $1.45 billion for IT systems maintenance, NextGov reports.

The amount requested for IT system maintenance increased $80 million from the 2012 budget.

The VA’s IT systems are comprised of 360,000 desktop computers, 70,000 printers, 40,000 laptops and 16,000 servers, according to NextGov.

The agency also included $169 million in order to develop an integrated electronic record system with the Defense Department.

The VA received $43 million for the joint health record budget in 2012.

Another $52.9 million will go toward another joint Pentagon-VA project to develop a electronic health sharing system.

The report says the VA also put forth plans to set up consolidated data centers in Denver, Austin, Texas, Reading, Pa. and Martinsburg, W.Va.

The data centers will be small and located within existing Pentagon data centers.

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