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Air Force to Start Third Round of Civilian Workforce Cuts

The Air Force will enter a third round of buyout and early retirement offers to its civilian employees starting May 1, the Air Force announced Friday.

This additional round of offers is required to keep the civilian workforce at fiscal year 2010 levels, the Air Force said.

Civilian employees will receive eligibility surveys from their local personnel sections by May 1.

Applications for early exits are due the week of May 14 or or an earlier date established by local authorities.

Accepted applicants then must leave the Air Force no later than Aug. 31.

By Sept. 30, bases will start preparing requests to use reduction procedures and realign employees to continuing positions.

The Air Force started its previous round of civilian workforce reduction in January, nearly three weeks after lifting a 90-day hiring freeze.

The freeze resulted in 9,000 cuts but the Air Force said at the time it needed to cut 4,500 more positions.

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