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Army Seeing Energy Efficiency as Security Issue

The Army is looking for high-tech solutions to improve its energy efficiency for soldier gear and camps, DoDBuzz reports.

According to Army Secretary John McHugh, water conservation in camps could help lessen convoy runs and minimize soldier casualties.

According to DoDBuzz, 70 percent of convoy loads are fuel and water resupply.

The Army says fuels make up 50 percent of convoy supply load, making it susceptible to attacks from improvised explosive devices and direct fire ambushes.

The Army estimates there will be nearly 3,000 resupply convoys in Afghanistan for 2012 and McHugh estimates another 69 soldiers will die this year from attacks on the convoys.

McHugh is proposing the Army develop more efficient batteries to lessen soldier load during 72-hour patrols.

Soldiers carry around 400 pounds of batteries during patrols to optimize use of combat equipments.

The 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team recently finished an intensive training curriculum for multiple energy capabilities.

That program aims to increase generator efficiency, improve renewable energy harvesting and reduce soldier load by improving battery recharging capabilities.

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