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Jim Moran Says Agencies Should Move Execs Around, Hire From Private Sector

Rep. Jim Moran

Senior government executives could use a little shake up, a Virginia lawmaker said Wednesday following the release of a report Wednesday suggesting a more mobile Senior Executive Service.

Rep. Jim Moran told attendees at a Partnership for Public Service-sponsored event that SES mobility would push federal workers out of their comfort zone and put the best team on the field, according to a GovExec report.

Moran said the goal in creating the SES was to have a workforce that would share their skills across many federal agencies.

Moran said hiring private sector talent would help make business leaders more aware of how the government functions, according to the report.

Senior Executives Association President Carol Bonosaro countered Moran’s assertion that too many SES members stay in their comfort zone by saying many SES members stay on the job for nearly 3.4 years, according to the survey.

Many senior government executives work from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and are not in a comfort zone, according to Bonosaro.

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