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Obama Addresses APAC Future, North Korea

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The U.S. intends to expand its role in the Asia-Pacific region, President Barack Obama said during a Monday news conference with South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak.

Obama and Lee held a joint news conference during the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea to discuss security issues in the Asia-Pacific region, American Forces Press Service reports.

Obama said events in the region the region will directly affect U.S. prosperity and security.

Both leaders said South Korea is poised to take over surveillance for the Korean peninsula by 2015 on behalf of their partnership.

Obama said the U.S must keep strong relationship with South Korea to help shape the region’s future.

Obama said fiscal restrictions being implemented across the Defense Department will not hinder security developments being prepared for the region.

Defense and foreign ministers from both countries will meet in June to assess modernization efforts for their security alliance, according to AFPS.

Both leaders also addressed North Korea’s recent announcement that it would conduct long-range missile launches, negating their previous agreement with the U.S. to suspend the launches.

The leaders said North Korea is in direct violation of U.N. security resolutions and Obama added North Korea is risking further isolation and damaging relationships with its neighbors.

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