Air Force Adding Options to Civilian Workforce Cuts; Michelle LoweSolis Comments


The Air Force has introduced new flexibilities in the third round of its civilian workforce reorganization in order to minimize the impacts of downsizing, the branch announced Thursday.

The two prior rounds were intended to reduce the workforce through voluntary early retirements and buyouts.

The Air Force is not adding additional options that will allow civilians to fill vacancies created by voluntary exits.

When the third round of fiscal 2012 civilian workforce restructuring begins May 1, civilians who are involuntarily let go will be able to fill a vacancy at a different Air Force base.

The Air Force notes the option allows an exception to the Defense Department’s priority placement program clearance procedures in an effort to give civilians an opportunity for continued employment.

Michelle LoweSolis, the Air Force Personnel Center’s civilian force integration director, said the option gives the force the ability to rebalance the skills of its workforce and minimize the negative impacts the fiscal environment has placed on civilian workers.

Civilians will be able to apply for the opportunity during the first week of May up until May 14 and those approved for separation or retirement will leave their positions by Aug. 31.

Lisa Cevallos, a human resources specialist at AFPC, said the goal is to have civilian employees realigned to their new positions by Sept. 30.

The Air Force suggests that employees review the available opportunity and discuss the option with their local civilian personnel section.

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