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CBO: FISMA Update Would Cost $710M

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A proposed bill that would require agencies to perform continuous monitoring of their networks would cost $710 million through 2017 to implement, the Congressional Budget Office reported Friday.

The House is set to debate several cyber bills, including the Federal Information Security Amendments Act of 2012.

The FISMA update would require continuous monitoring and set new cyber responsibilities for federal agencies and the Office of Management and Budget, InformationWeek reports.

In its report, CBO said most of the spending would go toward salaries, expenses and computer hardware and software. The report notes the cost in these areas would increase each year.

While other government spending areas will be subject to reductions, the government has demonstrated cyber is not one of those areas.

The Office of Management and Budget reported that agencies spent an estimated $13 billion on cybersecurity in 2011.

InformationWeek reported that it surveyed agency information technology professionals on where their priorities and focuses were.

Agencies identified continuous monitoring and upgrading standard defenses as key areas.

The updated FISMA bill would also require agencies to ensure their information technology systems have complementary standards to continuous monitoring requirements.

The House will also review a bill that would allow cyber information sharing between the government and private companies and another bill addressing cyber research.

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