Defense CIO Robert Carey Reports IT Strategy Progress


The Defense Department launched its information technology enterprise strategy and roadmap in September and now is working to implement those strategies, Defense Systems reports.

Chief Information Officer Rob Carey gave FOSE conference attendees an update of the agency’s progress and strategy on Thursday.

The Pentagon wants to give warfighters network access no matter location and to manage network identity access, Defense Systems reports.

Carey suggested the department is turning the corner in its plan that is important for both cyber and physical combat.

The Pentagon’s roadmap is designed to address cyberspace networks and includes efforts already under way for consolidating infrastructures and creating a joint information environment.

Data center consolidation, a connected environment for troops and improved security are among efforts that will be the foundation for the Pentagon’s future IT systems.

To get there, the Pentagon is working to define connections between the network and deployed troops.

After the Pentagon determines communication paths of deployed forces, it will start working on identity management components for the IT network, Carey said.

Carey said the Pentagon already uses common access codes and cryptographic log-on for the network.

The next step is to focus on data and applications in order to appropriately grant or deny network users access to information.

Carey said the public infrastructure is being rolled out on the classified Secret Internet Protocol Router Network.

The Pentagon has a team working on the schedule, cost and plans and will present the findings to department leadership in the coming months, Carey said.

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