Deltek Scores Agencies on Cloud, Data Center Plans

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A Deltek study says some federal agencies may be more prepared to implement cloud computing and close data centers than others, The Washington Post reports.

Deltek analysts used a cloud readiness metric to grade individual agencies’ efforts in adapting to the cloud and consolidating data centers.

Agencies provided data describing their plans to integrate information technology infrastructure and reports on data center consolidation efforts.

Each of the two categories were graded on a scale from one to 10 then averaged together to reach a total score.

Analysts applied the metric to 12 participating agencies and found major gaps in IT readiness.

The Transportation Department posted an average score of 7.5 as it expects to complete 90 percent of its infrastructure integration plan by the end of fiscal year 2012.

The department also expects to complete 63 percent of data center consolidation by that same time, according to the Post.

The Department of Homeland Security scored a 2.5 average because it only expects to complete 48.8 percent of its data center plan by the end of fiscal 2012 and none of its IT integration plan.

Deltek said the metrics may help federal contractors identify which agencies need more help to implement the Office of Management and Budget’s cloud-first policy.

The cloud-first policy was initially intended to prevent agencies from making overlapping purchases of IT infrastructure.

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