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Industry Groups React to Senate Outscourcing Hearing

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A Senate subcommittee heard testimony from government and industry representatives on outsourcing Thursday, Federal News Radio reports.

Representatives from the Army, Homeland Security Department, Office of Personnel Management, watchdog groups, federal employee unions and private contracting firms attended the hearing.

The Professional Services Council said in a statement that lifestyle costs, including post-retirement, are often overlooked and not indicated in cost estimates included in government reports.

The PSC also pushed for more transparency pertaining to sourcing decisions as current policies and practices allow government agencies to not disclose some information regarding contract awards.

Roger Waldron, president of the Coalition for Government Procurement, told Federal News Radio that improving development requirements may increase competition and promote tax savings.

Waldron also said the increase in multiple-award contracts has led to duplication in services, which impacts both federal agencies and contractors through rising overhead costs.

At an industry event earlier this week, some federal officials discussed having more communication between contractors and agencies when dealing with information technology.

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