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Marilyn Freeman Tells Lawmakers Defense Research Should Not Bear Sequestration

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Defense Department science and technology officials told lawmakers Tuesday that cuts resulting from sequestration could negatively impact the Pentagon’s research components, FierceGovernment IT reports.

Marilyn Freeman, the Army’s deputy assistant secretary for research and technology, told the Senate Armed Services subcommittee on emerging threats and capabilities that she is concerned S&T will take a disproportionate share of the personnel cuts.

Freeman indicated that many of the Army’s S&T facilities were built in the 1940s, the report notes.

Steven Walker, who holds the same title in the Air Force, said S&T funding has been skewed too much toward basic research in recent years.

Zachary Lemnois, assistant defense secretary for research and engineering, told the subpanel that sequestration would devestate his office, which has not started on a contingency plan.

Sequestration would take effect if Congress fails to act. Leon Panetta urged lawmakers Monday to take necessary actions to avoid the cuts that would start in January 2013.

Lemnois said his office has not gone through the exercise to prepare for sequestration, but said he expects they would be looking at pluses and minuses of very large numbers.

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