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Treasury Wants New CTO to Manage IT Strategy

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The Treasury Department is seeking an associate chief information officer and chief technology officer, FedScoop reports.

The agency wants the new associate CIO/CTO to manage the Treasury’s information technology strategy for an annual salary ranging from $119,554 to $179,700 per year.

The new hire will lead department programs focusing on capital planning, investment control, enterprise architecture, data management and strategic planning, according to the job post.

The CTO will assist and advise the CIO and facilitate the department’s IT priorities.

The Treasury said the new hire will also oversee development of its IT strategic plan and manage resources for that plan.

The official will also be responsible for coordinating with other CIOs and managing subordinate managers and supervisors.

The Treasury will also charge the new hire with recommending and solving IT governance policies and evaluating new technologies.

Applicants should submit inquiries by April 12.

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