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White House Issues Battlefield Energy Security Strategies

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The White House issued a set of strategies Wednesday it hopes will secure energy resources on the battlefield, The Hill reports.

The White House’s energy initiative includes a new U.S. Army Michigan-based facility through which the organization will develop new technologies for combat vehicles.

The Army completed a similar project in Hawaii, fielding 16 General Motors-developed vehicles that use clean and renewable energy sources.

The Army Ground Systems Power and Energy Lab will house the Army Green Warrior Convoy program, which will include further testing of vehicles that use alternative fuel and advanced batteries.

The Defense Department also set goals to deploy three gigawatts of renewable energy across the Army, Navy and Air Force by 2025.

Microgrid and storage technologies along with local and renewable power sources will increase the U.S. energy security for military installations and improve the Pentagon’s ability to carry out its mission, the White House said.

The Energy Department additionally announced Wednesday it would be investing $30 million into energy storage technologies.

The technologies that would be developed as part of the Advanced Research Projects Agency have numerous applications including military, improving aircraft power reliability and fuel efficiency.

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