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Defense Officials Claim Open Source Acquisition Policy Too Difficult

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The Defense Department issued a memo in October 2009 advising its divisions to consider purchasing open source, commercial software.

Now, officials suggest the memo has inadvertently made using open source more difficult since the memo leaves too much room for interpretation, David Perera writes for FierceGovernment IT.

Attendees of a military open source use conference suggested this has led to instances where basic tools are called into question.

Leaders have taken the policy to mean any open source tool without a support contract is banned, Perara writes.

Dan Risacher, primary author of the October 2009 memo, said it was not intended to be used as a blank requirement for all open source software to be bundled with contractor support.

Agencies that sustain open source software with their own means fulfill the memo, he added, while more advanced software may require additional support in its nature.

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