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House Turns Down Pentagon Request To Reform Commercial-Of-A-Type Process

Shay Assad

Defense Department officials have asked lawmakers to change an acquisition process that allows agencies to tweak and buy commercial products, Federal News Radio reports.

The House Armed Services Committee included some of the Pentagon’s suggestions in the fiscal 2013 defense authorization bill, it did not include changes to the commercial-of-a-type acquisition process.

Shay Assad, the Pentagon’s director of pricing, said at a recent industry gathering that commercial-of-a-type has led to pricing issues with contracting officers, Jared Serbu reported.

Many companies claim to have commercial-as-a-type products but do not provide information to justify the price they believe the government should pay for the products, Assad said.

Read Serbu’s report for more of Assad’s comments on sole-source contracts and reaction from industry groups to the Pentagon’s proposal to not use this procedure when it is the only customer.

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