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IRS To Consolidate Offices, Shed 1M Square Feet Of Space

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The Internal Revenue Service plans to cut down on office space and rental costs as part of its cost-saving measures, according to a May 22 agency announcement.

Forty-three small offices with no taxpayer assistance centers that employ less than 25 workers will close over the next two years, according to the announcement.

The agency plans to consolidate multiple offices within the same location and maximize existing office space through desk sharing and telecommuting.

For fiscal year 2012, the agency will cut 715,000 square feet of office space and cut 230,000 square feet in fiscal 2013, totaling more than one million square feet of office space reductions in two years.

Through this effort, the agency said it will see annual rental cost savings of $17.2 million for fiscal 2012 and $23.5 million in fiscal 2013. 

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