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The Federal Register’s webpage has been updated to integrate more closely with the government’s domain, according to a Sunday blog post.

Michael White, acting executive director for the Office of the Federal Register, said changes in the websites’ accessibility were made as a result of comments submitted on

White indicated his office has been involved with e-rulemaking programs since 2002 when it played a part in creating a catalog, which is constantly updated with Federal Register documents., or FR2, now includes a docket info sidebar that includes comments and supporting materials.

The webpage feature was used to display a recently published article about the Family and Medical Leave Act from the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division.

White said displaying this article allows readers to access and view comments already submitted more easily.

FR2’s sidebar also has displayed a link to supporting and related materials on about a proposed National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration rule.

Readers have the option to use the one-click portal to view materials on that rule or one from the Environmental Protection Agency on pesticide tolerances, White said.

White said the e-government efforts to integrate the websites creates more harmony among agency data and public participation in rulemaking.

Accenture recently released survey findings related to e-government efforts in the U.S., finding 75 percent of U.S. respondents said they routinely use websites to access government services.

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