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Report: House Lawmakers Propose More Weapon Buys In 2013 Budget

The Defense Department would receive $5.3 billion more to acquire more aircraft, ships, vehicles and weapons in 2013 if a House subcommittee’s ideas make way in Congress, according to a committee report obtained by Defense News.

Among the House Appropriations defense subcommittee’s proposals, one that directs the Air Force to not retire the Block 30 Global Hawk unmanned intelligence aircraft, made by Northrop Grumman.

Raytheon’s Patriot program would receive $300 million to purchase more PAC-3 missiles and launcher systems.

Lawmakers proposed adding $988 million to the Navy’s budget for one DDG-51 destroyer, made by General Dynamics subsidiary Bath Iron Works, and $506 million to keep three cruisers and perform engineering work on ballistic missile defense capabilities.

Read Marcus Weisgerber’s full account for additional details on which programs could receive more funding and which could see less.

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