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Report: House To Restrict Pentagon Spending On Alternative Fuels

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The House Armed Services Committee wants to stop the Defense Department from spending more on alternate fuels than it would on traditional fossil fuels, Noah Shachtman from Wired Danger Room reports.

According to the report, the lawmakers are including the proposed measure in the fiscal 2013 budget bill in order to reduce military spending.

Such a measure would disable the U.S. Navy from continuing to fuel its Great Green Fleet, which is run with biofuels and set to have a two day demonstration in Hawaii in June, Shachtman reports.

Shachtman writes the Great Green Fleet was meant to be a step toward achieving Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’ priority to move the Navy toward having half of its power resources be renewable by 2020.

The Navy was planning to fully deploy the fleet by 2016.

The fleet would be promising for the bioful industry’s growth, which could be endangered if lawmakers mar the Pentagon from purchasing more expensive resources, Shachtman suggests in his report.

Shachtman cites testimony from Mabus suggesting that the cost of biofuel will come down and that the House shouldn’t concentrate on producing more ships over fuel type.

Mabus also suggested the U.S. needs to secure a reliable domestic energy supply.

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