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White House Launches Digital Strategy, Freezes .Gov Domains

Site: sos.wa.gov

The White House launched its digital strategy Wednesday to reform websites, mobility and shared digital services practices.

President Obama issued a strategy memo Wednesday as well in order to define implementation guidelines for agencies and departments.

Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel told attendees of a TechCrunch event Wednesday the digital roadmap will help agencies unlock data and enable citizens to access information on any device, FierceGovernment IT reports.

The federal strategy includes 29 goals to pursue over the course of the year, including requirements to make two government services available on mobile phones.

A version of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program will be used for mobile phones and the General Services Administration will lead a new innovation office.

Agencies will also be required to ensure all information technology systems use open web applications programming interfaces and set up agency.gov pages to share APIs within 12 months.

The memo also enacted a permanent freeze on new .gov domains to account for government portals’ movement to APIs and outlines plans to update the Data.gov portal.

Federal Chief Technology Office Todd Park launched a Presidential Innovation Fellows program to draw private sector innovators into federal agencies to work on specific projects, Fierce reported.

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