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Auditors: DOE Not Counting Contractor-Run Data Centers In Estimates

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Auditors found the Energy Department has more data centers than the number it initially told the Office of Management and Budget, according to FierceGovernment IT.

DOE estimated in July 2011 that it had 58 unclassified data centers and 101,000 total square feet of data centers, David Perera writes.

However, auditors suggest the department’s estimate neglected to count 520 contractor-run data centers for 16 of the agency’s national laboratories.

Perera reports auditors found the department had vacant or inappropriately used space in some of the data houses.

Energy data center managers have not been using commonly recommended efficiency measures such as perforated tiles or air flow methods, auditors said.

Auditors said the agency will spend more than is necessary if they continue to operate their server rooms and data centers using current methods, the report added.

A recent study by Deltek suggested that some federal agencies may be more prepared to implement cloud computing and close data centers than others.

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