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Clapper Putting New Anti-Leak Policies In Place

James Clapper

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has instituted new policy measures to prevent intelligence leadks and identify individuals who give classified information to journalists, the Washington Post reports.

According to Walter Pincus’ report, all intelligence community personnel can be subject to polygraph exams if they had access to leaked classified information.

Also, seven intelligence agencies that regularly administer polygraphs will add a question about disclosures and media contacts.

Previously, the CIA was the only agency that asked such a question on its polygraphs.

Clapper also wants the intelligence community’s inspector general to conduct internal inquiries if administrative actions are required, Pincus reports.

At times, intelligence leaders ask the Justice Department to have the FBI investigate disclosures.

The inspector general would step in when criminal charges are not brought, according to the report.

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