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Report: DARPA Starting Offensive Cyber Program

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has launched a program drawing from computer game companies, universities and private sector entities to develop the agency’s cyber capabilities.

According to the Washington Post, DARPA is launching a five-year, $110 million research project named Plan X in order to experiment ways the military can go about defending the Defense Department’s computer systems.

DARPA will solicit proposals this summer for the program in order create a new map of the global cyber space that continuously updates itself.

The Post reports the proposed map would give commanders the ability to identify targets and disable them via Internet computer code.

Plan X also will include creating an operating system capable of launching and surviving attacks similar to an armored tank, the Post reportd.

Additionally, DARPA plans to develop automated decision processes based on pre-planned scenarios.

Government officials told the Post that the program demonstrates the Pentagon’s effort to develop offensive and defense cyber capabilities.

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