USDA To Fund Rural Telemedicine Development

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced funding for a series of health related programs designed to assist rural communities, according to a Monday USDA release.

Through distance learning and telemedicine programs, 29 states with rural counties will share $14 million to be disbursed to 32 telemedicine projects, 19 distance learning projects and one combined program.

Forty-five percent of funding will go to counties where the minority population is more than 30 percent and another 18 percent will be allotted for areas where the Native American population is more than 30 percent.

In Virginia, USDA will provide a a $149,094 grant to the Appalachian College of Pharmacy.

The program will promote partnershisp between the College of Pharmacy, a rural hospital, health care providers, and local pharmacies to provide proficient and constant healthcare provision for patients with chronic conditions living in the southwest corner of the state.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development mission area supervises housing, business and community infrastructure and facility programs through a nationwide network of local and state offices.

An active collection of over than $165 billion in loans and loan guarantees is set aside for economic stability and quality of life initiatives in rural communities, according to USDA.

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