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Afghanistan Granted Major Non-NATO Ally Status

Hillary Clinton, Sec. of State

Afghanistan is now a U.S. non-NATO ally, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Saturday.

According to the National Journal, Afghanistan joins an elite group of Asian and Middle Eastern allies that include Israel, Japan and Pakistan.

Clinton announced the move with Afghan President Hamid Karzai at the Presidential Palace in Kabul as part of a broad strategic partnership between the two countries, effective last week.

The pact grants Afghanistan access to American military supplies and training, and some areas of military planning and procurement, along with other special privileges, the National Journal reports.

The status will also allow Afghanistan to loan equipment from the U.S. and obtain financing to lease other equipment.

This move is part of a series of American actions to alleviate fears of being abandoned at the end of NATO’s combat mission in 2014. In conjunction, Afghan and U.S. officials will be working out a deal that would keep American soldiers in Afghanistan to help seek and defend against insurgents, according to the National Journal.

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