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DHS Awards $1.3B Preparedness Grants For FY 2012

The Department of Homeland Security has allocated $1.3 billion in grants to help states, urban areas, tribal and territorial governments, non-profit agencies and the private sector respond to major incidents.

DHS said those incidents could include terrorist attacks, large-scale disasters and other public emergencies.

These fiscal year 2012 funds are $1 billion less than those allocated in fiscal 2011 and $1.5 billion below the White House’s fiscal 2012 request.

Some funds go to law enforcement and terrorism prevention activities for prevention, preparation and response to activity that may indicate terrorist activity, DHS said.

Under the Homeland Security Grant Program, $830 million will support anti-terror efforts in states and urban areas.

DHS broke up those funds into three components, including $294 million to apply state homeland security policies through the State Homeland Security Program.

More than $490 million will go to the Urban Areas Security Initiative, which develops regional preparedness in 31 urban area.

Operation Stonegarden will receive $46 million to foster cooperation and coordination between federal, state, territorial, tribal and local law enforcement agencies.

The goal is to create a joint security group for U.S. land and water borders, DHS said.

Through the Emergency Management Performance Grants Program, $339 million is allocated for updates to state and local government emergency management operations for hazards.

Tribal applicants will receive $6 million in preparedness grants through the Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program.

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