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DISA Set to Manage All Cloud Computing for DOD; Teri Takai Comments

Teri Takai

The Defense Information Systems Agency has been selected to become the Department of Defense’s new cloud services broker, reports David Stegon at Fed Scoop.

DOD Chief Information Officer Teri Takai published a memorandum June 26 to notify Pentagon leaders of the selection.

In the memo, Takai says that DISA’s Enterprise Cloud  Broker’s mission will be to promote cloud computing services which provide the best IT capabilities at the lowest cost and have the appropriate level of reliability and security protections.

Takai then outlines DISA’s specific responsibilities as Cloud Service Broker.

First, the agency is appointed the mission in order to make cloud services safer and more efficient.

Second, DISA’s role as broker makes them the office responsible for consolidating cloud services in the DoD.  

Third, it is the broker’s responsibility to assist DoD components in customizing available cloud services for their technical and mission requirements.

Federal News Radio’s  Jack Moore adds that DISA will implement a program to fully integrate cloud services into the DoD.

It will include an outreach campaign that promotes the adoption of the cloud, a consolidation process that builds upon current cloud infrastructure and once those steps are complete, the delivery of the best possible cloud products to the DoD.

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