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Report: GAO Offers Recommendations on Improving Pentagon’s Electronic Warfare Strategy

U.S. Navy Photo by Greg Vojtko

The Government Accountability Office recently released a report regarding the Pentagon’s incomplete electronic warfare strategy, Information Week reports.

Billions of dollars have reportedly been allocated for weapons and communications systems which are hinging on the electromagnetic spectrum.

The review found the Pentagon has yet to implement a detailed implementation plan citing objective and critical tasks for the center is not yet available, according to Information Week.

Electronic warfare is a military action which entails using electromagnetic and directed energy in controlling electromagnetic spectrum to initiate enemy attacks.

GAO recommends the Pentagon enhance the quality and accessibility of its electronic data capabilities.

The report also recommends the Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy individually procure airborne electronic attacks systems that can be acquired in bulk, highlighting maximizing weapon system investments as a way to prepare for defense budget cuts.

The report was conducted after the Department of Defense released its annual report on electronic warfare strategy to the Congress in November 2011.

The DoD assembled the Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Control Center last December, placing the U.S Strategic Command in control of the center that handles electronic warfare operations, according to Information Week.

In addition the GAO recommends refining Pentagon electronic warfare management systems by mandating the Under Secretary for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics and other officials to publish their performance initiatives.

The program is expected to help guide strategy implementation, identify required resources and explicitly state the functions of the people involved, Information Week reports.

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