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Taxpayer’s Right to Know Act Will Cost $100M to implement over five years

James Lankford

The Congressional Budget Office has found that a proposed bill that aims to provide detailed publicly available reports of federal programs will cost $100 million to implement over a five year span, Federal News Radio reports.

Representative James Lankford’s Taxpayer’s Right to Know Act would require agencies to publicly list each program they operate, including its costs and the number of staff it employs.

“The bill will ultimately save taxpayers billions of dollars by eliminating waste and duplication.” Lankford said in a statement. “Taxpayers’ Right to Know will increase transparency on federal programs by finally shedding light on the rampant duplication in Washington, ultimately reducing the financial burden on taxpayers,” he added.

The CBO found that Lankford’s bill is similar to existing reporting requirements already followed by some agencies.

Some of these reporting programs include the Government Performance and Results Act, a pilot from the Office of Management and Budget last January, and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.

Jack Moore writes that Lankford’s office said the CBO’s findings are being reviewed.

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