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IDC Report: IT Pros Believe Future of Cloud Computing Uncertain

IDC Government Insights found that despite the growing demand for cloud services in government agencies, many employees aren’t sure what these services will mean to them specifically and their organization.

Shawn McCarthy, IDC research director, said that overall progress in cloud adoption will only accelerate once agencies increase cloud funding, knowledge and when changes in enterprise architecture start moving to the cloud.

IDC surveyed 400 government IT employees in late spring 2012 for its cloud report, released Aug. 6, and found that a third of respondents lacked cloud budgeting knowledge.

Surveyors found that local government employees were the least optimistic about cloud computing.

IDC alsothat 60 percent of chief financial officers are not familiar with their agency’s cloud strategy and 15.2 percent of agencies would dedicate one to 10 percent of their IT budget to cloud services.

Many agencies also preferred to select large IT vendors as cloud providers, according to the survey.

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