Pentagon Cyber Command Proposes More Robust Cybersecurity Role

The Pentagon wants to have more authority in acting outside its computer networks against cyber-attacks on critical computer systems, the Washington Post reports.

The Ellen Nakashima article says Pentagon officials are lobbying the Secretary of Defense to give its Cyber Command a more robust role in protecting power stations, water-treatment plants, and other critical systems that are not a part of Pentagon computer networks.

The Pentagon says that such powers would only be utilized in emergency situations.

But a Pentagon official told the Washington Post they hope to gain more power in their civilian cyber presence and the first step is getting something approved now.

Last revised in 2005, Washington Post reports that the Department of Defense is modifying its standing rules of engagement for cyber warfare.

A proposed revision to the SROE includes giving the Cyber Command authority to take defensive actions in a foreign country.

The Post also reports that the Cyber Command proposes the ability to block or redirect viruses and disable computer servers in other countries that are distributing malware.

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