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President Obama Considering Cybersecurity Executive Order; John Brennan Comments

John Brennan

White House Homeland Security Adviser John Brennan said that the White House is considering the issuance of an executive order in order to strengthen U.S. cybersecurity, Reuters reports.

Brennan said President Obama will have to issue the executive order if Congress is not going to act on securing the nation’s infrastructure.

Brennan also told Reuters, “One of the things that we need to do in the executive branch is to see what we can do to put additional guidelines and policies in place under executive branch authority.”

Reuters reports that there is no schedule for the executive order to take place and no determination on its content.

In response to talks of an executive order, former DHS senior official Stewart Baker said the president could be using it as an election year ploy to gain votes.

He also noted that the White House could not enforce the executive order, nor could congressional legislation be enforced because those powers were stripped from the bill to appeal to the Chamber of Commerce, who are vehemently opposed cybersecurity legislation.

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