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TechAmerica Evaluates Contractor Clearance Process, Interagency Transfers

A recent TechAmerica survey of contractors claims the federal government is spending millions of public funds on redundant clearance systems, Federal Computer Week reports.

According to Matthew Weigelt’s report, 74 percent of respondents have at least 101 employees with clearances.

One-fourth of contractors said they spent between $1 million and $10 million per year to acquire security clearances because agencies hardly practice reciprocity of clearances across government, according to the report.

Companies reported the process of securing a clearance lasts between six and nine months and the lack of mutual acceptance between agencies contributes to that amount of time.

In June, the Government Accountability Office released a report acknowledging reforms in the clearance approval process and a recent ClearanceJobs.com survey claims most clearance applicants got approval within 30 days.

Ninety-six percent of respondents reported difficulty in shifting personnel with a clearance to another contract with a different agency, with 74 percent claiming the Department of Homeland Security as the most difficult.

The Defense Department only received 7 percent of the negative remarks, according to the report.

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