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U.S. Plans to Bolster Missile Defenses in Asia with X-band Radar

The United States is preparing to construct a new missile defense shield in Southern Japan and possibly South East Asia to suppress missile threats from China and North Korea, reports Malcolm Moore for The Daily Telegraph.

U.S. defense officials mentioned in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that X-band would be key in the new anti-missile shield.

X-Band is a strong early-warning radar which is to be installed on a southern Japanese island.

It will be connected to existing radar operating in northern Japan since 2006.

An installation of a third X-Band is being planned in South East Asia and the subsequent radar arc would be enough to track North Korea, China, and even Taiwan.

A Pentagon spokesperson told the WSJ that the imminent missile threat is motivating their military decision making.

The People’s Liberation Army of China just finished testing an intercontinental ballistic missile July 24, according to an unidentified U.S. official.

The missile has the capability to reach any city in the U.S., he added.

Janes Defense Weekly revealed that the DF-41 missile can carry ten nuclear warheads which can be encoded to attack different targets.

China has also developed a new “carrier killer” missile which has a range of 930 miles and can deter U.S. ships from entering the South China Sea.

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