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GAO: 16 Programs Saw 166% 3-Year Total Increase In Funds

A Government Accountability Office report found that 68 of 71 programs in the Department of Homeland Security experienced problems in either funding instability, workforce shortage or plans falling through during implementation.

In a report to Congress released Friday, GAO found funding for 16 programs initially set at $19.7 billion in 2008 grew to $52.2 billion in 2011, an aggregate increase of 166 percent.

Through interviews with officials, auditors determined DHS’ culture emphasizes the need to quickly execute missions as opposed to carrying out sound acquisition management practices.

DHS also does not fully follow several key portfolio management practices such as strategic allocation of resources, auditors found.

GAO also found that the DHS has not established an oversight board to manage the department’s investment portfolio.

Recently, GAO examined a DHS acquisition program on biological weapon sensors and found the department did not evaluate whether the government would use the equipment upon completion of testing.

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