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Michael Donley: Sequestration ‘Overhangs’ All Budget Decisions

Michael Donley

The U.S. Air Force aimed to trade size for quality when forming its budget strategy for the next five years, Secretary Michael Donley told an Air Force Association conference in Washington Tuesday.

An Air Force release says plans include divesting 286 aircraft and reducing personnel by about 9,900, along with several other force restructuring initiatives to help the Pentagon meet $350 billion in cuts over 10 years, as required under the Budget Control Act.

If steeper cuts under sequestration kick in January, $500 billion more will be from defense spending in that same timeframe.

That mechanism, Donley said, continues to overhang “all budget decisions across the federal government,” according to Tech. Sgt. Julie Weckerlein’s article.

Donley made the remarks at the AFA’s Air and Space Conference and Technology Exposition in Washington.

“These additional and arbitrarily applied, across-the-board cuts would leave the military without a workable strategy to counter global threats,” he said, according to the release.

In a similar vein, Sotera Defense Solutions President and CEO John Hillen recently addressed what he called the “indiscriminate” nature of sequestration to an audience at the Greater Washington Board of Trade (click over to GovCon Executive for more).

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