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Robert Hale: Pentagon at ‘Midfield’ in Audit Preparations

Robert Hale

Defense Department Comptroller Robert Hale said Friday the Pentagon is roughly at “midfield” in meeting a 2014 deadline to prepare an auditable statement of budgetary resources, Federal News Radio reports.

Jared Serbu reports Hale testified before the the House Armed Services Committee on the Pentagon’s preparations for an audit.

However, Hale said the uncertainty surrounding the Pentagon’s budget is not helping the department prepare for the audit as it does not know exactly what its financial resources will be.

According to Hale, the Pentagon went through four shutdown drills and a long-term continuing resolution in 2011 and is now facing the threat of sequestration and another continuing resolution.

Congress can best help the Pentagon be ready for an audit by having a more orderly budget process, Hale said, according to Serbu’s report.

Under the CFO Act, federal agencies must produce consolidated financial statements for audit and Serbu reports the Pentagon is one of two agencies that have never received a clean opinion on its statements.

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